Some sharks are harmless and really tender. This species is the redspotted cat shark (Schroederichthys chilensis) occurs in Humboldt current in Perú and Chile, and when feels threatened, it curls itself. really cute ne?



Shoutout to all the artists on Tumblr who work on something for weeks and only get 4 notes

Shoutout to all the artists on Youtube who do amazing speedpaints and, if they’re lucky, will get 500 views

Shoutout to all underappreciated artists who do amazing work and receive no recognition

Fucking PREACH. I will eternally appreciate every little shred of feedback I get for posting work and will always give credit to others where credit’s due. Just that little nudge or pat on the back can really push an aspiring artist in the right direction.


have some pretty horse girlfriends ٩(๑ơలơ)۶♡

"overlay is da bomb!" tutorial



ever wondered how to put pattern effects on stuff? this is how i do them. :P (using paint tool SAI)



*other colors will change the color of your shape. tip: brownish patterns will give your shape an antique/vintage/old effect. orz i fail at explaining haha







lol i love the overlay effect! :D i hope this helped! :3 



So there!
Someone here on Tumblr stole the picture of my pants and I’m super bloody angry about it.

So I’m uploading it myself now and already contacted the Tumblrsupport because I want to have the fake one deleted.

 It hurts so much that the stupid stolen one hit 50k that’s just bullshit and I wanna cry
The next time you wanna upload that s*it of mine you gon’ ask me got it??

So yeah those are the nearly finished pants i painted for my Nisha-cosplay.
Nothing more to say…
here’s my site which is also the source:



when your friend cusses in front of your parents



how do i even begin to express my love for this cutie


MAGICAL MONSTER GIRLS some dumb idea i got and whipped all these girls up, had hella lot of fun

But would someone actually start a war because they felt insulted because they didn't get a wedding invite? Really?
✖ Anonymous


Anon, lemme introduce you to my home girl Matilda.


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it’s just like so weird cause a lot of tumblrisms are clearly stemmed from aave and then killed by non-black POC & white people hence their constant misuse and eventual overuse, until black people come up w more terms to use 

terms like

  • basic
  • prayer circle
  • thirst/thirsty/the thirst
  • (example) game on point
  • (example) game strong
  • slay
  • shade
  • bruh
  • hunty
  • bae
  • stay in [pronoun] lane

etc etc etc

stop usin aave just because you learned it on tumblr

you’re still not entitled to it and you’re especially not if you just use it to seem hip and cool and funny

cause what it boils down to is that you don’t use it for expression and you were not raised to speak like that, nor do you live around people who speak like that— you just use it to be funny in front of your friends and that’s the thing I don’t like




remember: if you’re attending a school that gives you a .edu email address, you can upgrade your account to prime for free by going on and choosing the college/student membership. that means you get the prime 2-day shipping and even some textbook discounts (not to mention AFAIK you enjoy the amazon instant access for free for the duration of your edu email being active)

well at least someone is looking out for students

this only works for a one year free trial, you still get a discounted student price for 50 bucks, but it’ll automatically renew unless you cancel after one year 😞 it’s totally worth it though, amazon is especially nifty if you don’t have a car (free delivery hell YEH)




what is this from?

RULE OF ROSE.Creepy as fuck survival horror (bordering more on psychological horror) game. I LOVED THE HELL OUT OF THIS.

Probably because like…99% of the game’s characters were female. It’s for the PS2 but is really hard to find 8(

ooooo, I’d give it a go!